Enlarged Pores Treatment

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    Treatment For Enlarged Pores

    There are many reasons why people suffer from enlarged pores on their skin. While increasing age may be a considerate factor but it is not the only one. Acne, increased sebum production, and oily skin are also the most common factors resulting in larger pores.

    At You By Sia laser clinic we offer effective results with our enlarged pores treatments. We can also improve the skin’s health and combat ageing with the combination of Clinicals Cosmeceutical Skincare, as well as Skin Needling and our exclusive THERMIQUE™ treatment, which we have found to be the most effective large pores treatment, as it addresses excessive oiliness, and refines the skin texture.

    How Our Skin Pores Treatment Work

    An open pores treatment needs to repair the epidermal-dermal junction and the overall epidermal and dermal structure. By remodelling and rebuilding these underlying structures, the skin will become firmer and healthier resulting in a tighter, more refined pore size. Reducing the amount of overproduction of sebum will refine the pores, too.

    As the process for enlarged pores treatment, the entire dermal structure of the face needs to be worked on. With the effective skin needling treatment, the enlarged pores can be reduced considerably. Skin needling uses resurfacing techniques where a needle-like pen pierces in and out on a given spot, helping the skin get rid of congestion.

    THERMIQUE™ skin treatment is the latest addition to the book for enlarged pores treatment. With the new and advanced technology, THERMIQUE™ uses tiny impressions of heat, resulting in a cautious skin injury. This stimulates new collagen production and tightens loose and saggy skin. THERMIQUE™ treatments are the best alternatives to expensive injectables which are incapable of repairing or rejuvenating the skin even slightly.

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    What Causes Enlarged Pores

    Enlarged pores are primarily a sign of ageing and oily skins. While oily skin needs larger pores to allow for sebum secretion, ultimately enlarged pores are caused by the structural collapse of collagen and elastin from ageing around the follicle, which pulls the pore open. Primary reasons for enlarged pores include:


    Genetics plays a vital role in determining pore size, so if your parents have enlarged pores, there’s a high chance you will have them too. Genes can cause your skin pores to grow in size, and open up around your cheeks, forehead, and nose.


    Ageing is inevitable and causes your skin to stretch and sag over time. Enlarged pores are a natural component of the ageing process, as collagen production in the skin decreases, leaving the skin less firm.

    Sun Damage:

    Increased sun exposure and a humid atmosphere can deplete collagen in your skin, resulting in wrinkles and enlarged pores. Furthermore, UV exposure can cause sagging around the edges, lowering the skin's water levels.

    Skin Pores Treatment Results

    Skin Care Pack For Enlarged Pores Treatment

    Shrink and refine enlarged pores for a primer like a complexion. Enjoy the benefits of less congestion, oiliness, and blackheads. Start your journey with a computerised skin analysis and photo and 1 week of skin prepping using provided skincare. To complete the rest of the treatments, this happens over a 10 week period. Your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated, refined while regulating sebum production and visible results will be seen in as little as 3 weeks. The GRAND REVEAL will happen in 7 weeks. Call or book an appointment for a one on one skin consultation with one of our skin professionals at Bondi Junction and start your journey towards beautiful healthy skin.

    Pricing For Enlarged Pores Treatment in Bondi Junction

    Treatment Price LUXE VIP
    Skin Needling $420 Save 30%
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