Thermique™/ Thermage Treatments

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    Thermique™/ Thermage Skin Tightening Treatments

    THERMIQUE™ treatments use the most advanced, effective, safe, and proven technology to deliver better results than ablative CO2 and fractional lasers. This new and exciting treatment not only delivers results as effective and remarkable as lasers or surgery but offers an additional benefit of rejuvenating and lifting the upper and lower eyelids - something never before achievable with lasers. And unlike laser, Thermique™ can also be used on darker skin tones. You By Sia offer the Thermique™ treatment available in Bondi Junction.

    How Does Thermique™ Treatment Works

    You By Sia’s Thermique™ Treatment in Bondi Junction is a new technology that uses tiny pinpricks of heat to create a cauterised injury to the skin, resulting in skin firming and tightening. Thermique™ treatments use thermo-mechanical energy to evaporate tiny channels into the skin. This stimulates new collagen formation to improve skin quality, while providing channels for medical-grade skincare to be delivered to the dermis.

    Based on the ability to create full skin remodelling, Thermique™ is able to address many skin conditions such as sagging and ageing skin, rosacea, scarring, and active acne. Thermique™ can also be used for cellulite. Thermique™ treatments are a fantastic alternative to cosmetic injectables. As Injectables do NOT fix or rejuvenate the skin and are limited, Thermique™ gives a natural skin rejuvenation and remodelling, therefore creating a more ‘natural’ un-filler-like appearance.

    What Our Client Has To Say

    “I wanted to get on the scars and signs of ageing on my face. I started seeing Sia 3 months back and I trusted her completely. She recommended ThermiqueTM treatment to me and I am really happy with the results. My skin is much healthier, smoother, and tightened. ThermiqueTM is unmatchable, I do recommend it to people who are looking for skin tightening, uplifting, and improving skin texture.”



    Benefits Of Thermique™ Treatments

    A new paradigm in the future of skincare treatment - surgery results without the surgery expense or downtime. For the past 20 years, lasers have been the gold standard in skin rejuvenation - until now! You by Sia has an innovative and exciting new technology, Thermique™, which is going to change anti-aging for good.

    – No surgical cutting required
    – No topical or general anaesthetic required
    – Minimal discomfort
    – Minimal downtime
    – Return to work in 3 days
    – Low risk
    – No chance of infection
    – Alternative to cosmetic injectables and surgery
    – Can treat darker skin safely
    – Can treat the eye area right to the lash line
    – Maximised results from pre and post clinical skincare
    – Computerised imagery to monitor results
    – Results guaranteed
    – Results can last up to 12 months
    Thermique Thermage Treatments You By Sia

    What To Expect From Thermique™ Treatments

    Typically, there will be a sensation of sunburn after the treatment for up to 6 hours. After that there may be redness, slight tenderness and possible tiny white silvery pinhead sized dots/scabs lasting up to 7 days, depending on the intensity of your treatment. The gentle treatments have no downtime. Side effects are rare especially if aftercare is followed correctly.

    Pricing For Thermique™ Treatment In Bondi Junction

    Area(s) Price Total of Treatments Required Prepay 4-8 Treatments LUXE VIP Members Price
    Full Face $1500 4 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Neck Lift $1250 4 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Upper & lower Eyelid LIft $1100 4 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Upper & lower Eyelids + brow Lift $1300 4 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Lip Lift $880 4 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Decolletage Resurfacing $1600 4 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Hand Resurfacing $1100 4 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Rosacea Correction $1500 4-6 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Stretch Mark Revison $1800 6-8 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Scar Revison Starts from $600 6-8 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
    Acne & Facial Scaring $1500 4-6 SAVE 20% SAVE 30%
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