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Nano Illuminating Infusion

Image waking up with glowing illuminating skin! We have found the solution to mask all your imperfections, minimise pores, smooth out skin texture, hide pigmentation and leave you with an all over more even complexion.

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Benefits of Nano Illuminating Infusion

Benefits of this advanced treatment can assist with the following concerns:

Evens out skin tone

Minimises pore size

Hydrates skin

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Masks blemishes and pigmentation

Smooths out skin texture

Hides dark circles

No sleep, dark circles, tired looking skin, fine lines, large pores, uneven skin tone….don’t worry we have you GLOWING!

What to Expect

This advanced serum is infused into the top layer of the skin using nano needle technology so its pain free and extremely effective for product penetration. Although intensive, it still leaves the surface of the skin in tact and drives the plumping and brightening serum into the skin where it allows for skin plumping, luminosity and refined texture and pores.

The more treatments you have the more illuminating your skin will be. We recommend 4 treatments done every 2 weeks. Results may take up to 2-3 treatments to notice a difference. To maintain your results we recommend 1-2 maintenance treatments every 2-3 months

The following areas that can be treated, face, dark circles, neck, décolletage, arms and hands.

Imagine luminous glowing brighter skin after just 1 treatment that lasts for 2 weeks!

– No pain

– No downtime

Just smoother, refined and illuminating skin – even when you wake up!!!

We can hide dark circles, shadows, marks, redness and minimise pores in just 1 treatment!


Nano Illuminating Infusion

Purchase a package of 4 treatments and save 20%. 
We will also GIFT you our CLINICALS RELEASE-Growth Factor & Peptide serum valued at $179

NB All prepaid treatments have a 6 month expiry date.

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Results after 2 treatments

Results after 2 treatments

Results after 3 treatments

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