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Laser Perfecting Lift

Our exclusive Laser Perfecting Lift will transform your skin, without the need for cosmetic surgery or cosmetic fillers. Cosmetic procedures will tighten your skin and plump it out but they do not improve the texture, tone or health of your skin. Our laser regenerating treatment will improve all of your skin concerns from fine lines, saggy skin, pigmentation and complexion. It truly is a dream come true!

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What makes our treatments exceptional

Achieve an instant glow while you lie back and enjoy our luxurious surroundings. This cosmetic procedure will not only tighten your skin and plump it out, but it will improve the texture, tone or health of your skin. Unlike traditional cosmetic procedures, our Laser Perfecting Lift requires no anaesthetic, no needles, no risk and no downtime. This laser regenerating treatment will improve all of your skin concerns #youonlyyounger

We address all your skin concerns and have developed unique treatment programs to address all your issues and deliver results!

What to Expect

Our Laser treatment will reduce fine lines, redness pore size age spots, while also lifting laxed and sagging skin. Skin tone will be evened out and pigmentation will be reduced, with results visible within minutes to just a few hours.

For long term results, we recommend a course of 4 treatments, every 2 weeks. We will also monitor your results with our computerised skin analysis system, which will show us not only the changes to the surface of your skin, but to the underlying layers as well.

We do require you to be using our Clinicals skin care range to ensure your skin heals correctly and prevents any adverse reactions occurring as well as managing your breakouts.

Program Pricing

  • Our Laser Perfecting Lift is an all in one program from beginning to end.
  • Your journey includes the full course of treatments
  • 4 complimentary LED treatments after each session
  • All products required for pre and post aftercare

To make a booking, you can call us on (02)83237510 and book in for a Laser Perfecting Lift Consultation, so we can create your personalised treatment program.

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