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Laser Complexion Renewal

Imagine being able to leave the house without having to cake on makeup or taking a photo without needing a filter? Our exclusive Laser Complexion Renewal treatment will assist in creating an even toned skin with a creamy, smooth complexion that gives the appearance you would achieve with makeup.

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Benefits of Laser Complexion Renewal

This treatment is changing the face of the future and giving us back our youthful glow by reducing blemishes, pigmentation, redness and pore size.

All this in just one miracle treatment!

The best part is that there is NO downtime, pain or discomfort. Watch your complexion change right before your eyes in minutes and it will keep improving within 2 weeks. #NOFILTER

What to Expect

We recommend a course of 2-4 treatments every 2 weeks. We will also monitor your skins progress with our computerised skin analysis system which will show your skins progress not only on the surface, but within the underlying layers where most of the concerns lie.

We do require you to be using our Clinicals skin care range to ensure your skin heals correctly and prevents any adverse reactions occurring as well as managing your breakouts. Results can be seen within days.



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