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Inside out resurfacing

Imagine resurfacing your skin from the inside out without the need for nasty chemicals, discomfort or downtime? You by Sia's Inside Out Peel™ can guarantee just that!. By delivering natural, high potency ingredients to the skin's deeper structural layers, this treatment gently boosts collagen and elastin production, to regenerate the skin from the inside out.

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Benefits of Our Inside Out Peel

Our Inside Out Peel can effectively improve the appearance of acne, dehydration, inflammation, pigmentation, breakouts and rosacea. It resurfaces the skin from the inside out, leaving it brighter, regenerated and glowing within 2-3 weeks!

Experience complete skin rejuvenation without the pain, redness or downtime!

What to Expect

Unlike traditional peels, You by Sia is proud to say that our signature peels are not formulated with any harmful chemicals or harsh abrasive ingredients. We do not believe in removing or damaging the surface layer of the skin to achieve results. This holistic approach allows us to effectively rejuvenate the complexion without the risk of burns or scars. Our experienced therapist will conduct a consultation to determine your skin concerns and goals for each treatment. Each treatment will last for 60 minutes and they are to be done every 3-4 weeks. We recommend 3-6 treatments to achieve a long-lasting smooth and glowing complexion.



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