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Dermal Sonic Facials

Our signature facial treatments will leave you feeling fresh and toned, by hydroblasting congestion and dead skin cells and infusing active ingredients to repair and revitalise your skin.

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Benefits of Our Dermal Sonic Facials

Our Dermal Sonic Facials will clear your skin of congestion and blackheads. Leaving you skin feeling pumped, rejuvenated and hydrated. This is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.
Nano Sonic Facial™ Micro Sonic Facial™

What to Expect Nano Sonic Facial™

Our Nano Sonic Facial will leave you feeling instantly cleansed, refreshed and radiant within minutes.

What to Expect Micro Sonic Facial™

This advanced technology of deep hydroblasting combined with LED light therapy and thermally active infusion will lift and tone dull skin without any pain or downtime.

Derma Sonic Facials Pricing


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