Deep Clean Facials For Teens

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    Deep Clean Acne Facial For Teens

    Is your teen skin feeling congested and blocked? Teen acne is common; however, not all facials for teens are effective. Our Teen Deep Clean Facial will blast out imperfections, hydrate, and soothe your skin leaving it feeling fresh and super clean. Facials for acne can be pretty ineffective and may end up making the problem worse. Our teen facial uses the latest in acne technology and medical grade skincare to put a stop to the cycle of infection.

    How Does Teen Acne Facial Works

    You By Sia’s effective yet gentle teen acne facial in Bondi Junction will help to remove congestion, blackheads, oiliness, and slight breakouts so the skin is left feeling fresh, clean, detoxed, and clear of sweat. Our teen acne facial works by hydroblasting congestion out of your skin pores. It is used with an LED light therapy facial that clears teen acne without any painful procedure or downtime.

    The LED facial helps stimulate blood flow for a clear and healthy skin. The teen acne facial allows medical grade skin care to penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin with high frequency waves. This teen acne facial in Bondi Junction also facilitates the skin with hydration and plumping.

    What Our Client Has To Say

    “I wanted to get on the scars and signs of ageing on my face. I started seeing Sia 3 months back and I trusted her completely. She recommended ThermiqueTM treatment to me and I am really happy with the results. My skin is much healthier, smoother, and tightened. ThermiqueTM is unmatchable, I do recommend it to people who are looking for skin tightening, uplifting, and improving skin texture.”



    Benefits Of Teen Acne Facial

    Teens are mostly affected by how they look. Flawless skin will definitely raise their self-esteem. If your teen skin feels congested and blocked, worry no more. At You By Sia, we have a teen deep clean facial designed specifically to target hormonal and acne-prone skin and also breakouts associated with adolescents.

    Our effective yet gentle facial for teen’s treatment will help to remove congestion, blackheads, oiliness, and slight breakouts so the skin is left feeling fresh, clear, detoxed, and clear of sweat.

    To enhance a teen’s beauty, teen's facial begins with gentle ultrasonic cleansing, hydrating, and pore decongesting. It's then followed by LED light therapy that helps to combat bacteria, inflammation, and excess oil. The result is fresh and light skin.
    Teen Facial You By Sia

    What To Expect From Teen Acne Facial

    Gentle ultrasonic cleansing, hydrating and pore decongesting is used in our teen deep clean facial, followed by LED light therapy to combat bacteria, inflammation and excess oil production. The procedure is quick, safe and ensures zero downtime, and the skin feels fresh and light.

    Pricing For Teen Acne Facial in Bondi Junction

    Treatment Time LUXE VIP Price Price with Sia
    Teen Deep Clean Facial 30 $62.30 $89 $140
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