Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

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    Treatment For Stretch Marks Removal

    Stretch marks are often known as striae, which are intended streaks on any part of the body caused due to stretching of the skin. Due to the skin being rapidly stretched (torn), it lacks firm compact collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in noticeable scar-like marks. Stretch marks appear reddish purple, before eventually fading to become lighter, almost white, or darker for others.

    Both men and women can experience stretch marks, but the treatment works equally for each. We have a number of stretch marks treatments, including Skin Needling for stretch marks and our Clinical skincare range, at our laser clinic in Bondi Junction.

    How Our Stretch Marks Removal Treatment Works

    When it comes to stretch marks removal, unfortunately, there is nothing to permanently get rid of them, however, using our stretch marks removal treatment we are able to reduce and shrink the appearance of them so they become almost invisible. At You by Sia, we use a combination of advanced skincare, plus Skin Needling for stretch marks removal and results can be seen in as little as one treatment.
    Due to skin being rapidly stretched or torn, it lacks collagen and elastin—the two proteins which are responsible for providing the skin its firm texture. This type of stretch marks removal treatment works when a pen-like device pierces the skin repeatedly at a very high speed.
    Call or go online and book in for a one on one skin consultation with one of our skin professionals and start your journey towards beautiful, healthy skin.

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    What Causes Stretch Marks

    Stretch Marks, clinically called striae, are generally a result of the skin being stretched rapidly or contracting rapidly. Due to the speed of the connective tissue being pulled apart, the collagen and elastin don't have enough time to expand or contract correctly or have sufficient time to replace or repair the skin’s connective tissue. This can be a genetic issue, but does happen to most people

    Common known causes of stretch marks are rapid growth in teens, rapid weight gain or weight loss, and pregnancy stretch marks are so common they affect almost all women who have had a child. Fitness or body builders may experience stretch marks too due to rapid muscle gain.

    Stretch Mark Removal Treatment Results

    Skin Needling for Stretch Mark Removal

    Skin Needling has been clinically proven to neutralise the appearance of scarring on any body part including the tough stretch marks. It works by breaking up the tight, intact fibres that combine to create these scar tissue. After the process is done, your body starts recognising the changes in skin tissue structure introduced by the skin needles and responds positively by initiating a healing process. The treatment is simple and releases skin congestion as well as rejuvenates it.

    Pricing For Stretch Marks Removal Treatment In Bondi Junction

    Treatment Price LUXE VIP
    Thermique™ $1800 Save 30%
    Skin Needling $490 Save 30%
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