Loose & Saggy Tummy Treatment

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    Loose & Saggy Tummy

    Saggy skin is the natural side effect of the hard-working hours in the gym, or if you have lost a considerable amount of weight all too suddenly. Loose and saggy skin is not limited to only the aging process. No matter the reason, the question is, how to deal with it? Our core mission is to tighten loose skin leaving you feeling young and beautiful. We are equipped with advanced technology and a variety of cosmeceuticals; hence, we will treat not only the symptoms but also the root cause.

    How Our Treatment Works

    Our body stores fats at a subcutaneous level and this process increases as we age. Meaning the skin loses its tone and elasticity. Skin tightening treatment at our laser clinic is able to reach fatty layers and deeper skin to get rid of the sagging belly and other fat.

    Our professional skin tightening treatment includes laser therapies that use advanced technology and a range of properly formulated cosmeceuticals to deliver active ingredients to the deeper layers of your skin.

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    What Causes Loose & Saggy Tummy

    There are several reasons people have a saggy and loose tummy, including poor diet, pregnancy, aging, stress, and lack of exercise. In many cases, despite working on our abdominal muscles, particularly after childbirth, a little 'pouch' remains.

    Sagging skin can be hard to treat at home, however, there are skin tightening treatment options available at our clinic in Bondi Junction that can help tighten loose skin. The benefit of our skin tightening treatment is that you will lose belly fat and have a tightened up and flattened physique while experiencing no pain or downtime. Our advanced technology ensures that the body toning process is pleasant and painless.

    The treatment leaves your skin looking brighter and more youthful. We are equipped with advanced technology and a variety of cosmetics; hence, we will treat not only the symptoms but also the stress that causes your body to gain fat.

    Loose & Saggy Tummy Treatment Results

    Treatment For Loose & Saggy Tummy

    You By Sia’s skin tightening treatments can reach the deeper layers of the skin and fatty layers to eliminate belly and other fat. Body toning procedures stimulate the skin's natural healing and strengthen response, delivering collagen and elastin to the structural layer to aid in cell regeneration and skin firming. The fat cells are held in place as the skin is lifted and toned for a firm and smooth appearance.

    Pricing For Loose & Saggy Tummy Treatment in Bondi Junction

    Treatment Total Number of Treatments Program Price
    Body Toning Abdomen 10 $1,900.00
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