Turn to Laser Skin Tightening Treatment to Get Toned Body

Posted on March 1, 2021 By Deepika Samant

A loose and saggy tummy does not bounce back to its original shape on its own. Depending on the cause of your loose skin, not just around the stomach but also through the body, there are different skin tightening treatments that can help you get that smooth and firm skin back.
But before that, knowing the main factors that account for loose and saggy skin is a must!

What causes loose and saggy skin?

Collagen and elastin compounds give your skin that perfect and firm texture. Due to various reasons, these two compounds decrease in the skin, making it loose and saggy. These reasons include:
● Aging
● Sun exposure
● Heredity and genetics
● Speedy weight loss
● Smoking

How can you treat loose skin?

A professional skin tightening treatment helps you get rid of the loose and saggy tummy as well as loose skin in any other areas. There are a few quick fixes and home remedies that you can follow to see temporary results, such as:
● A healthier lifestyle
● Less alcohol intake 
● Quitting on smoking
● Exercising regularly
● Reducing stress and taking adequate sleep

Other remedies include using sunscreen daily, drinking plenty of water, and using OTC treatment creams.

How can RF and Thermique™ Skin Tightening Treatment be of help?

For a fact, our skin stores fat in the subcutaneous layers of the body. But as our skin starts to age, it loses its firmness and elasticity. With professional skin tightening treatments, you can remove fat from the deep fatty layers of the skin and get rid of the sagging belly or other fat on your body. So which skin Treatment is the best?

Body Toning Abdomen Treatment

This RF Skin Tightening treatment works by sending collagen and elastin to the structural layer, aiding with firmness and overall cell renewal. It also induces the skin-strengthening response and, in turn, stimulates its natural healing process.

● Cell renewal
● Improved collagen production
● No pain
● Minimal downtime

Treating loose and saggy belly fat can be challenging, but with the aforementioned RF skin tightening treatment, it is just a piece of cake.

If you are looking for a professional skin tightening treatment to get rid of saggy skin, then we are just the right place for you.

You By Sia is a professional laser skincare clinic in Bondi Junction that holds expertise in laser skin treatment and provides over-the-top laser treatments such as Thermique TM skin treatment, Acne Sonic facials, and Laser hair removal treatment. To learn more about us, contact us at (02) 8806 0739 or drop an email at bondi@youbysia.com.au

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