This Is Why We Recommend Lasers for Rosacea Treatment

Posted on January 14, 2021 By Deepika Samant

Nobody is born with sensitive skin. It is a condition that develops over time due to certain factors such as excessive exfoliation, chemicals, and makeup products. These things work against the most protective layer of your skin—the epidermis. Your skin’s surface becomes more prone to redness or inflammation, which hinders the daily functioning of the skin. If you are going through something similar, it is a hint that you need a proven acne rosacea treatment in combination with other remedies such as lifestyle changes and a skincare routine. 

When your skin develops redness or acne, its primary focus is on calming the inflammation. With laser treatment for rosacea, you can address the issue and move ahead to the other areas of concern. 

People try to treat the problem of redness with many traditional options such as sunscreens, antibiotics, moisturisers, and lotions. However, these products only treat the symptoms of the condition, ignoring the real cause. 

Laser red skin treatment is the most effective form of treatment for rosacea and works by using targeted wavelengths of light. With lasers, you can not only reduce but also eliminate the problem of skin inflammation. Laser rosacea treatment can even fight UV damage, the most common cause of skin irritation, which in fact only worsens your condition of skin redness.  

Despite the fact that the condition only deteriorates with time, some people don’t consider the treatment important. 

Why is rosacea treatment important? 

Whether or not you realize this, but the cause of your low self-esteem partly is your condition of rosacea or acne. It has a severe impact on your emotional health as well as confidence. 

A strong self-image is important to go through life successfully. And this is why rosacea treatment is important. When you get rid of your rosacea, you improve your skin complexion and health, thereby regaining your confidence.  

How does rosacea laser treatment help? 

Depending on the patient’s skin type and major concern, some rosacea skin treatments may work better than others. 

1. Laser Complexion Renewal is a type of laser treatment for redness, which helps reduce pore size, sun damage, blemishes, and fine lines. Thus, this non-invasive procedure that doesn’t involve any sharp or scalpel object provides you aesthetic relief.  

The treatment works for facial areas as well as other body parts where you might have stretch marks, especially after pregnancy. The results can be seen within days.

2. Skin Needling works by making the skin firmer and resurfacing it. While it’s a proven rosacea treatment, it also helps address skin concerns such as enlarged pores, milia, acne scarring, and blackheads. 

This is the perfect alternative to cosmetic surgery and chemical peels, both of which put you at the jeopardy of getting burns, pigmentation, or scars. 

3. Another best treatment for rosacea in Bondi Junction is Thermique™, which is considered the most effective and safest technology of all. This type of acne rosacea treatment also gives you the benefits of lifted upper and lower eyelids and works just fine for darker skin tones.

The treatment ensures zero downtime and helps your skin regenerate collagen and improve its overall health. 

You By Sia is a renowned rosacea treatment clinic in Bondi Junction, Australia, which follows a unique approach to treating the condition of redness or inflammation. Our therapists will begin the treatment with a skin consultation which will address your skin concerns.

Our therapists will also be in contact for aftercare follow up.  To learn more about how you are provided with exceptional results, talk to our experts at (02) 8323 7510 or you can email us at

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