Smooth and Glowing Skin with Thermique Thermage Treatment

Posted on March 9, 2021 By Sia Hendry

Our skin is the most sensitive organ in our body and we all strive to achieve perfectly smooth skin along with a fit body. While the road to physical fitness became easy with exercises and gym workouts, the one to perfect the skin remains difficult. Maintaining smooth skin has always been a daunting task, especially with the barriers of aging, sun exposure, and illnesses. But Thermique™ thermage treatment are breaking the pattern.  

Naturally, aging skin becomes loose and saggy with time. The areas below the eyes, around the face, and neck are more likely to lose elasticity. Apart from this, there are other skin concerns that keep you up at night such as stretch marks, scars, and rosacea. Fret not! With Thermique™ thermage treatments, it is possible to address all of these concerns. 

What Are Thermique™ Thermage Treatment?  

Thermique™ thermage treatments are advanced technology treatments, which use tiny pinpricks of heat resulting in a cauterized injury. This, in turn, results in smooth and finely textured skin. The main idea behind Thermique™ thermage treatments is to use thermo-mechanical energy to evaporate tiny channels into the skin.   

The Thermique™ thermage treatment uses radiofrequency technology for the treatment of skin. The radiofrequency technology heats the core layers of the skin, stimulating the release of collagen and remodeling the existing collagen.   

What Are Thermage Thermique™ Treatment Used For?  

Apart from acting as an excellent skin tightening treatment, Thermique™ thermage treatments help with multiple other concerns, which include:  

  • Acne and facial scarring  
  • Stretch mark revision  
  • Rosacea correction  
  • Decolletage resurfacing  
  • Hand resurfacing  
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles  
  • Neck lift  

Thermique™ thermage treatments can also help with the reduction of cellulite (under skin fat) on certain areas of the skin, giving it a smooth texture.   

Who Can Use Thermique™ Skin Treatment?  

The ideal recipients for Thermique™ thermage treatments include:  

  • Those who do not wish to go under a surgical facelift  
  • Middle-aged women with saggy skin below the eyelids and neck  
  • Middle-aged women with drooping jowls or cheek folds  
  • Those who are willing to improve the texture of their skin without undergoing surgery

What Are The Benefits of Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment?  

The new paradigm of the future skincare treatment is now where, with the results of surgery that involves a lot of discomfort and downtime. For the past 20 years, lasers have been the breakthrough for skin treatments, but it is about time when things change.  

Thermique™ thermage treatments from You By Sia ensure better results than ablative CO2 and fractional lasers. Your skin will feel smooth and flawless along with the benefits that follow:  

  • Non-surgical procedure  
  • No use of topical or general anesthetics  
  • Minimal discomfort  
  • Minimal downtime  
  • Low risk   
  • Zero chances of infection  
  • The best alternative to cosmetic injectables  
  • Guaranteed results which can last up to 12 months  
  • Skin rejuvenation  
  • Boost collagen production  
  • Improved skin texture  

Generally, Thermique™ skin treatment could include a sensation of mild sunburn for up to six hours, following which there might be slight redness and tenderness. If the post care routine is followed correctly, there are rarely any chances of side effects.   

The general question that might pop up is, how much does Thermage cost? 

Thermique™ skin treatment is economical and would cost anywhere between $600 – $1800 depending upon the treatment you opt for.   

Thermique™ Skin Treatments Are Safe, Effective, and Promising

If you are looking for a place that offers the best Thermique™ thermage treatments, look no further than You By Sia, a professional Skin care clinic in Australia that exclusively provides suitable Thermique™ treatment according to your skin concern. You can contact us at (02) 8806 0739 or drop an email at  

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