Debunking Common Myths About Large Pores on Face

Posted on March 10, 2022 By Livia Briggs

For many people, one of the biggest skincare concerns is enlarged pores on the face. In today’s age of airbrushing techniques and photo editing, it seems as if almost everyone has got rid of their pores somehow. As a result, people have become even more conscious and struggle with self-confidence issues, desperately wanting to shrink their pores. 

The advice that follows is not always true. Therefore, in this article, we will debunk some of the common misconceptions about large pores on the face:

Myth #1: Our Skin Has Only One Set of Pores

This statement is entirely incorrect. Your skin has two sets of pores, sweat pores and oil pores, though only oil pores are much visible on the skin. Oil pores are hair follicles that generate sebum, oil and deliver them to the surface of your skin to keep it moisturized and hydrated. Sweat pores work in a similar fashion, allowing sweat to travel from the gland to the surface to cool down the body. 

Myth #2: Blackheads Are Dirt Stuck in Your Pores

Though a common belief, blackheads are not dirt nor are whiteheads. Clogged pores are actually a result of increased oil production and dead skin cells known as keratin. Most people may experience this as everybody has oil pores on the face that secrete oil. The trapped oil in the pore causes it to dilate and bring the oil to the surface. Once the oil reaches the surface, it oxidizes and gets that blackish color. 

Myth #3: Sun Exposure Helps Reduce Pore Size 

This statement, if anything, is far from the truth. The more sunlight your skin gets, the more pores may appear on your skin. UV rays weaken the collagen that supports the pores and makes them tight and firm. Collagen is the main block of healthy, radiant and supple skin. You can protect your pores from shrinking by wearing a non-carcinogenic sunscreen, but the best way is to avoid sun exposure to the maximum.

Myth #4: Cold Water Will Shrink Your Pores

Are you one of the people who splash cold water on your face before applying makeup? Well, it might come as a shock that it does not help. Pores are not muscles and are created by the surrounding skin tissue, so they don’t respond to freezing temperatures. However, washing your face with cold water surely helps your skin look glossy but it does not alter your underlying pore size.

Professional Treatment for Enlarged Pores By You By Sia

There are professional treatment options available to help you with the appearance of enlarged pores on your face. 

Skin Needling Treatment

Skin needling works on the entire dermal structure of your skin. Skin needling is a resurfacing technique that involves a needle-like pen piercing in and out on a specific region to help the skin clear congestion.

Thermique Treatment

Thermique treatment uses small heat impressions to cause cauterized skin damage. This encourages the development of new collagen and tightens loose sagging skin. THERMIQUE treatments are the finest alternatives to costly injectables that don’t even come close to healing or renewing the skin.

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