Laser Skin Care Treatments to Enhance Your Skin Texture

Posted on October 22, 2020 By Livia Briggs

Laser Skin Care Treatments- Appearance, no matter how ephemeral in nature, has an important role to play in our everyday lives, be it on the professional or personal front.

Have you lately been worried about your aging skin that shows fine lines and looks dull? It’s a common concern that can be dealt with pro anti-aging facial treatments.

Yes, quick fixes such as exfoliation, dietary changes and face packs can provide you that instant glow. However, if you are looking for a long-term solution, laser cosmetic treatments are the answer. These treatments can combat your skin imperfections for life.

As the founder and skin expert at You by Sia Cosmetic Skin & Laser Clinics in Bondi Junction for more than a decade now, I strongly recommend you to prefer non-surgical cosmetic laser treatments over any quick fixes. Until 15 years ago, I myself was using the traditional ways of quick fixes only to finally discover how desperately we were in need of changing our approach to treating skin.

Thanks to my eye-opening experience that made me realize that we were only treating the skin’s surface and not even looking at the actual problem.

 I call the surface of our skin, the communicator. This is because it tells us that our skin needs treatment. But the surface is not where the problem is. What you see on the surface is merely the symptoms and not the cause. Unless you treat the cause which lies in the deeper layers of your skin, how do you suppose you are treating the skin?

It’s like painting a crappy canvas with beautiful oils. For 10-20 years, the canvas looks great and then, it caves in, leaving you to think what really happened? You are left by yourself wondering why all those facials you used proved ineffective.

This important realization inspired me to develop a unique approach to treat the skin. And therefore, You by Sia happened.

At You by Sia, we help patients look their best with our proven laser skin care treatments, including:

Facial Laser Treatment

If saggy skin is your concern, fret no more! We are known for the best laser skin care treatments for the face that address multiple conditions such as inflammation, pigmentation, redness, and excess oil.

Inside Out Peel

At You by Sia, we don’t do chemical peels. Rather, we have chemical-free peels that treat the skin inside out, curing your acne or dehydration problem. In just two weeks’ time, you get to rejuvenate and brighten your skin all over again.

Skin/ Face Needling

Our skin needling facials are designed to tighten and resurface your skin in a harmless manner. Unlike cosmetic surgery, this procedure fights your wrinkles, blackheads, and stretch marks without causing any burns or scars.

Pro-tip: Don’t get caught up in quick fixes… slow and steady wins the race!

That’s not it! There are several other skin treatments that you can choose from for your individual skin problem.

At our laser skin care clinic, we work for the skin, not against it. We do not only correct the symptoms but also treat the cause, thus making sure that you get long-lasting, healthy, youthful, and beautiful skin. For any personal skin care treatment or consultation book your appointment online.

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