Laser Alternatives For Enlarged Pores Treatment!

Posted on February 18, 2021 By Sia Hendry

The skin around the face is more sensitive. A person may or may not have enlarged pores, depending on the type of skin. Oily skin is more prone to enlarged pores than dry skin. No matter what the skin type, enlarged pores treatment is necessary as it can dull the appearance of your skin and open doors for more skin troubles such as acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. 

What are the two types of pores?

Knowing about what kind of pores are on the skin provides you a step ahead of treating enlarged pores. Most people believe that there is only one type of pores present on the skin, but that is a false statement. 

There are two types of pores, namely: oil pores and sweat pores.

Oil pores: These pores secrete oil that is called sebum. The main function is to lubricate hair follicles around the skin. These pores act as the main contributors to acne by clogging the skin. When people refer to excessive oil or blocked pores, they are referring to oil pores.

Sweat pores: Sweat pores are present all over the body and are not generally seen through the naked eyes. However, these pores help release toxins from the body in the form of sweat. 

Enlarged pores can be caused due to several reasons, such as heredity, genetics, excessive oil production, aging skin, and long exposure to the sun. 

Enlarged pores treatment can be done through quick fixes and home remedies for mild cases. If they increase too much professional help in the form of laser treatments for the skin is always encouraged. 

How does laser help with enlarged pores treatment?

Lasers for enlarged pores treatment work to repair the epidermal-dermal junction and the overall epidermal and dermal structure. By remodeling these structures, skin becomes firmer and healthier, resulting in tight skin; now, there are specific laser treatments for enlarged pores treatment which are:

Skin needling treatment: Skin needling is highly effective when it comes to releasing congestion from the skin. It works in the way of creating micro-perforations and making healthy cells. Skin needling is a better alternative to surgery and chemical peels for enlarged pores treatment. 

Benefits of skin needling

  • Cell renewal
  • Removes congestion
  • Tightens skins

Thermique™: Another effective enlarged pores treatment is the thermage skin treatment. This treatment works by using tiny pinpricks of heat, creating cauterized injury. Thermique™ treatment helps in new collagen production and improves skin quality.

Benefits of Thermique™ skin treatment

  • No surgical cuttings involved
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Firms skin

It is better to take professional help for concerns and treatments like enlarged pores treatment and many others. You By Sia is a professional laser skincare clinic in Bondi Junction that provides the best-suited treatments for our skin concerns. You can visit the official website or contact (02) 8806 0135 or drop us an email at

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