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Micro Sonic Facials™

This advanced treatment targets the signs of skin ageing caused by the sun, stress, natural ageing and pollution. The unique ultrasonic infusion includes essential vitamins A, E, C, B-Complex and hyaluronic acid amongst other powerful ingredients that work! Giving your skin a firm, smooth looking finish in less than an hour, with the ability to lift and tone facial muscles. All this is boosted with LED light therapy to obtain maximum results that will leave you with dewy, regenerated and luminous skin!

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Benefits of Micro Sonic Facials

This treatment will refresh and renew a dull looking complexion and is customised for your specific skin concerns. We effectively combat the appearance of various skin complaints, including ageing, pigmentation, sagging skin, wrinkles and dryness ensuring your required results are delivered.

What to Expect

Combining Deep ultrasonic hydroblasting, LED light therapy while infusing active ingredients we will lift, tone and fresh any dull aging skin without any pain or downtime leaving you red carpet ready!

Micro Sonic Facials Pricing


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