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Signature Sonic Facial

Our signature sonic facial treatment is a fantastic facial to clear your skin, and will leave you feeling fresh and toned. It will revitalise your skin by hydroblasting congestion and dead skin cells and infusing active ingredients to the deeper layers.

How It Works

This advanced technology of deep hydroblasting combined with LED light therapy facial and thermally active infusion will lift and tone dull skin without any pain or downtime. It clears your skin from any congestion and blackheads, leaving your skin feeling pumped, rejuvenated, and hydrated. The signature sonic facial is gentle on the skin hence its one of the best facial for sensitive skin. The signature sonic facial machine uses technology that emits high-frequency sonic waves that cleanse, repair, and stimulates the skin, thereby it’s a recommended facial to clear your skin and to those with whiteheads, blackheads, thin and sensitive skin. This treatment can cleanse the deepest part of the skin. That's why it's most recommended for individuals with rosacea, especially acne.

Benefits of Our Signature Sonic Facial

Our Signature Sonic Facial will clear your skin of congestion and blackheads, leaving you skin feeling pumped, rejuvenated and hydrated. This facial is also suitable for sensitive skin.The signature sonic facial helps stimulate blood flow through the combination of LED light therapy facial resulting in a nourished and youthful rosy glow. It also helps to penetrate skincare products such as antioxidants and anti-ageing serums and creams, deeply to the skin giving you a healthy glowing skin.

It gently stimulates and revitalises your skin to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. After a series of treatments with this technology, wrinkles, and fine lines are less noticeable while the texture, tone and the skin colour becomes uniform and even.

With its high-frequency waves, signature sonic technology offers the best skin tightening facial. It facilitates skin hydration and plumping, filling out wrinkles and fine lines resulting in a smooth, tightened, clear and plump skin.

What to Expect

This skin tightening facial uses deep hydroblasting combined with LED light therapy in one facial. The thermally active infusion will also lift and tone dull skin, without any pain or downtime.


Treatment Time LUXE VIP Price
Signature Sonic Facial 30 $76.30 $109

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