Laser Skin Treatments

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    Body Toning- Magic of Non-surgical Liposuction

    Appearances somehow make a difference in our lives. Do you often seek options that could enhance your body type? With our multi-technology approach, it’s no more just a dream. The laser skin tightening procedure will help you achieve subtle yet firm skin faster and in the right manner. It is a simple process that nurtures your butt, thigh or belly skin to revive and strengthen naturally, thereby renewing its cells and becoming toned. Lose the unwanted fat with our non-surgical liposuction and feel confident again.

    Laser Skin Surfacing To Renew Complexion

    “Embracing yourself as you are means showing up without any makeup on”, said no one ever. But no one loves to wear a cakey face unless you just have to. Our non-surgical cosmetic procedures for face and hands are innovatively designed to turn your uneven and blemished complexion suave and impeccable. Our laser skin surfacing treatment is an all-inclusive procedure to treat any type of skin patches on face or hand skin to leave it creamy and soft yet toned. No need to put on makeup anymore!

    Laser Hair Removal

    Getting waxed time and again is a tiresome job. When you can get your unwanted hair removed once and for all, why not? You By Sia offers you laser hair removal treatments in Australia that expose your needless hair to pulses of laser light to completely eradicate the hair follicles that produce those hair. Leverage our permanent laser hair removal treatment to get rid of any ingrown hair that is a consequence of shaving rash. The hair removal treatment is cost-effective, efficient, and 100% risk-free with zero side effects.

    Pigmentation Removal

    Pigmentation or dark spots on your skin may affect your overall look and sometimes, damage your self-confidence too. However, it is a common skin problem usually caused by excessive exposure to UV rays, skin inflammation, certain medical conditions, or drug use. At You By Sia, we understand that the same laser treatment for pigmentation removal is not suitable for all skin types Thus, we offer you multiple other choices to choose from, such as LED therapy and topical cosmeceutical skincare. Using our skin laser treatment to remove pigmentation is safe as well as effective, you can get all your pigmentation-related concerns addressed.

    Skin Needling

    Are you tired of living with your blackheads, fine lines, wrinkles, or stretch marks? Try out our skin needling facials that are non-surgical, non-ablative and successfully rejuvenate your facial skin. To carry out the treatment, we use a skin-needling device that doesn’t end up in a skin injury. With our skin treatments we try to provide you new collagen and skin tissues that help you achieve softer and creamier skin. Now you can afford to have beautiful skin.

    Thermique™- Better Than Thermage Skin Tightening

    Whether you are looking to lift your upper and lower eyelids, or resolve your aging problems, You By Sia’s Thermique™ treatment is the solution you need. The Thermique™ is our trademark treatment that uses tiny pinpricks of heat and creates a cauterized injury to your skin before your skin turns firmer. Our thermique™ skin treatment is a perfect alternative to cosmetic injectables and ensures minimal discomfort sans any chance of infection.

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