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Purchase your Laser Club Membership at any You By Sia Cosmetic Skin and Laser Clinic, and start receiving 20% off all laser hair removal treatments and exclusive access to offers across our laser clinics.

Luxuriate in Laser Club Membership

Laser hair removal procedures are one of the most carried out cosmetic procedures because of many reasons. Both men and women can opt for the laser treatment as it is completely harmless and can reduce hair from the body by up to 90%.

Complimentary Computerised Skin Analysis is included in your membership, to see what’s really going on underneath your skin. This allows us to determine your skins needs and best address your skin concerns.

As a Laser Club member you will receive 20% off on all laser hair removal treatments. You will also get the opportunity to bring a friend who can enjoy 20% OFF on any of our Laser Clinics too!

aser club membership

What To Expect Monthly from LASER CLUB Membership

20% off on all laser hair removal treatments

Join upfront for a yearly membership of $99 and enjoy the benefits of 20% off on all Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

Computerised Skin Analysis

Receive a complimentary computerised skin analysis included in your membership, so you can see what’s going on under your skin, remember prevention is better than cure so let’s take this opportunity to address your skin needs too.

Bring a Friend

Each month as a part of your Laser Club Membership, you will be able to bring along a friend or relative who is new to You By Sia, to experience one of our treatments at the member price of 20% OFF at any of our laser clinics! This is a one-off benefit for your guest.

LASER CLUB Membership Pricing

Only $99 yearly can be paid upfront for the year with a minimum of 12 month membership.

Earrn Monthly Reward Points

Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here to read.

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