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Acne Sonic Facial

Our Acne Sonic Facial treatments will leave you feeling fresh and toned, by hydro blasting congestion and dead skin cells and infusing active ingredients to repair and revitalize your skin. This facial treatment effectively reduces acne in the long term and can be followed up with laser resurfacing to reduce the appearance of scarring and pits.

How It Works

Our Acne Sonic Facial will clear your skin of congestion and blackheads, reducing inflammation and infection, leaving your skin feeling plumped, rejuvenated, and hydrated. This is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types and should be followed up by using our skincare for the face. Our medical grade topical skincare, products and treatments will combat breakouts while minimising severe inflammation, dark marks and scarring. Enjoy refined, smoother and blemish free skin, long term, with no pain or downtime. Experience deep cleansing while removing impurities and regulating oil production without medication.

Benefits of Acne Sonic Facial

Acne sonic facial treatment effectively reduces acne and acne scars. This treatment can be followed by laser resurfacing to reduce blemishing appearance. During acne sonic facial procedure, advanced levels of sound wave technology are used to penetrate deeply below the skin surface, increasing blood circulation, toning muscles, promoting cellular renewal, and improving facial treatment.

This gentle yet effective Acne Sonic Facial for face at You By Sia helps to remove congestion, reduce inflammation and infection, blackheads, oiliness, and slight breakouts, so the skin is left feeling fresh, clear, and detoxed.

The Acne Sonic facial treatment is the safest procedure that can treat the most sensitive skin types. However, after treating sensitive skin, it should be followed up by skincare face treatment.

What To Expect

Start your journey with computerised skin analysis photos and your first treatment. 1 week of skin prepping using provided skincare. To complete the rest of the treatments, this happens over a 4 week period. The GRAND REVEAL will happen at 5 weeks. However visible results will be seen in just 2 weeks!.


Treatment Price LUXE VIP
Acne Sonic Facial $89 Save 30%

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