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Body Toning

We all have areas we deem to be ‘problem areas’. Toning the butts or toning the area above the knees are no longer dreams. With our new technology, toning stomach, thighs and love handles is entirely achievable without surgery or downtime. Smooth and firm, toned skin is now achievable with our advanced multi-technology approach. You will experience a more glowing skin that will show off the body's natural contours without all the lumps and bumps or sagging skin. Our new technology means stomach toning and toning thighs and love handles is entirely achievable without surgery or downtime.

How Body Toning Treatment Works

Fat is stored at a subcutaneous level, and this naturally increases as we age. At the same time, the aging process means skin loses its tone and elasticity. Our process is able to reach the deeper skin and fatty layers, to get rid of belly and other fat, while inducing the skin’s natural healing and strengthening response, sending collagen and elastin to the structural layer to aid in cell renewal and skin firming. This holds the fat cells in place while lifting and toning the skin for a firm and smooth appearance.

Benefits Of Body Toning Abdomen

Sometimes, despite working on our abdominal muscles, a little ‘pouch’ remains, particularly after childbirth. If pregnancy, weight gain, or loss and aging has altered your flat stomach then this is the treatment for you. Lose belly fat and experience flattened, a tightened, and more toned physique without downtime or pain. Skin will look brighter and more youthful. Feel confident within weeks with a flatter, firmer and toned abdomen. Get rid of belly fat and say goodbye to your muffin top!

What To Expect

Body toning using our technology is pleasant and painless. You can expect to see results after 4-6 sessions. Sit back and relax while we eradicate your concerns with our no pain advanced technology. After treatment we do recommend 30 min of any exercise to continue the process and get your circulation going.


Treatment Total Number of Treatments Program Price
Body Toning Abdomen 10 $1,900.00
Body Toning Buttocks 10 $2,200.00
Body Toning Knees 10 $1,700.00
Body Toning Love Handles 10 $1,900.00
Body Toning FULL Thighs 10 $3,800.00
Body Toning INNER / OUTER Thighs 10 $2,200.00

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