Laser Complexion Renewal Treatment

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    Laser Complexion Renewal / Laser Skin Resurfacing

    Imagine being able to leave the house without having to cake on makeup or taking a photo without needing a filter? Our exclusive Laser Complexion Renewal treatment will assist in creating an even toned skin with a creamy, smooth complexion that gives the appearance you would achieve with makeup.

    If ageing, acne or sun damage has left your skin with scars, wrinkles and dark patches, then laser skin resurfacing treatment will help you reverse these effects. The new skin cells that form after the procedure will give you a radiant and healthier skin.

    How Our Laser Complexion Renewal Treatment Works

    Laser Complexion Renewal is a procedure where a laser removes resurfacing skin layer by layer with precision. The renewal process leaves you with a youthful appearance as the new skin cell growing during the healing process gives the skin a younger, tighter, and flawless complexion.

    Our exclusive skincare laser complexion renewal treatment helps create an even-toned appearance, which could otherwise be achieved with makeup but will be temporary and affect skin adversely.

    The results are evident after the first appointment; however, at You By Sia, we recommend 2-4 treatments after every two weeks. With our advanced skin analysis system, we will monitor skin progress both at the surface and at the underlying layer where it matters the most. Your skin will keep on improving as you watch, and the best part is, you will experience no pain or discomfort.

    What Our Client Has To Say

    “I wanted to get on the scars and signs of ageing on my face. I started seeing Sia 3 months back and I trusted her completely. She recommended ThermiqueTM treatment to me and I am really happy with the results. My skin is much healthier, smoother, and tightened. ThermiqueTM is unmatchable, I do recommend it to people who are looking for skin tightening, uplifting, and improving skin texture.”



    Benefits Of Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

    Laser Complexion Renewal gives aesthetic relief by reducing pore size, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, redness, and blemishes. Unlike plastic surgery and laser peel, laser skin renewal is reasonably affordable, and the results are quite evident within a short time due to shorter recovery periods.

    Another benefit is that laser complexion renewal is not just for the facial areas. The treatment procedure is also used by women with stretch marks after pregnancy to make their skin look like it used to be. The treatment is also used to treat blotchy or wrinkled skin around the hands. While the results of laser complexion renewal have significant benefits, the procedure is completely non-invasive, as the client is not subjected to any sharp or scalpel object of any kind. Get the best care from a trained professional at You By Sia skin & laser clinic in Bondi Junction and watch your complexion transform right before your eyes.
    Laser Complexion Renewal You By Sia

    What To Expect From Laser Complexion Renewal

    We recommend a course of 2-4 treatments every 2 weeks. We will also monitor your skin's progress with our computerized skin analysis system which will show your skin's progress not only on the surface, but within the underlying layers where most of the concerns lie. We do require you to be using our Clinicals skin care range to ensure your skin heals correctly and prevents any adverse reactions occurring as well as managing your breakouts. Results can be seen within days.

    Pricing For Laser Complexion Renewal Treatment In Bondi Junction

    Treatment Time LUXE VIP Price Price with Sia Prepay 4
    Laser Complexion Renewal 30 $266 $380 $440 $1,216
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