Ditch the Old Skin Exfoliation and Switch to Laser Treatments

Posted on October 22, 2020 By Sia Hendry

When talking about any beauty regime, skin exfoliation is considered an important aspect as it helps remove the dead skin cells and makes skin look flawless. Every other salon practices skin exfoliation on customers as part of their skin care treatment.  

Nevertheless, have you ever heeded the frequency at which you should exfoliate your skin? To your surprise, incorrect or frequent skin exfoliation may have a boomerang effect on your skin without you getting to notice it.

No matter if you go for scrubs or hydro dermabrasion or chemical peels, exfoliation of any kind will eventually result in dehydration or sensitivity or aging, although it may initially present you with vibrant-looking skin. And of course, you would also not want to put yourself at the risk of skin cancer.    

Your skin is intelligent enough.

At any time, if you ask your skin what it wants, it would immediately respond either with “leave me as is” or “please stop hurting me”. If you listen carefully, you would know what it really wants. 

The skin is a complex but structured organ that is divided into layers and that functions 24X7. Now regardless of which quick fix you choose for your skin, you often end up hitting the top layer because it is believed to contain thinning and dead cells. 

This layer, however, is not allowed to thin down, not even as we age. This is because the top layer is supposed to protect you from any skin infection.

Therefore, when you remove this layer through exfoliation, the underlying layers are put at the risk of premature damage, causing wrinkles, sensitivity or callus.  

The skin can still bear thinning of its deeper layers, but not that of the topmost layers. 

Don’t go by the looks of the skin

If you really want to reverse the aging process or break it off, you must stop damaging the top layer. Rather, work on the underlying layers to make them plump and healthy while the top layer naturally gets smoother.  


Here are You by Sia’s 2 best laser skin care treatments that act as harmless alternatives to those chemical peels or other skin exfoliation treatments:

Laser Perfecting Lift 

Cosmetic treatments help you tighten the skin on the outside but fail to improve your skin’s overall health. A laser perfecting lift focuses on forming new collagen as it goes deeper into the subcutaneous tissue. Therefore, it treats your skin inside out, treating all your skin concerns including saggy or wrinkled skin, fine lines and pigmentation. Our laser face lift is the path to a complete face transformation and comes at the cost of no needles or risk or anesthetic!


Suitable for all skin types, our Thermique™ treatment uses advanced technology to provide you with a firm and tightened skin. Thermique™ has the ability to create a naturally younger-looking appearance, unlike its cosmetic counterparts which do not essentially rejuvenate your skin. Leveraging this procedure, you can treat anything from saggy skin to acne to rosacea. 

Our expertise in these and other laser skin treatments will make you forget exfoliation once and for all. Laser skin resurfacing solutions ensure absolutely zero side effects along with minimal downtime and last for long periods of time.

At You by Sia, we believe in prevention more than in cure and therefore, we encourage skin rejuvenation through active ingredients in the deeper layers of your skin rather than through exfoliation. To get your related queries answered book an appointment online with us. 

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