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Posted on October 22, 2020 By Sia Hendry

Wanting naturally healthy, youthful skin is seemingly the new-age way of living. The question is how to get that instant yet life-long fix without going down the path of cosmetic injectables? 

Fillers and quick-fixes are something that I myself have been anti, avoiding, or prolonging the need for since the start. On top of that, being a needle phobic, I always felt tempted to find long-term, alternate ways to alleviate skin problems. And trust me Laser Cosmetic Treatments are capable of doing that magic to your skin

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that there is a place for botox and fillers and that these can go a long way. However, the early years of our lives do not deserve such unhealthy options when we can really eliminate the need for them, especially with the innocuous way of cell regeneration.

As the founder and skin expert at You by Sia Cosmetic Skin & Laser Clinic, I can prompt cell regeneration in you and suggest focusing on that while it’s still possible. Cell regeneration becomes harder as you age and that’s when treatments such as botox may help.   

Though you may want to try and make your skin plumper with fillers, you must remember that these will only make your skin appear younger but not actually make it so. Also, cosmetic injectables can never address your other skin-related concerns such as pigmentation, large pores, capillaries, or redness.

Botox was introduced to treat cerebral palsy in children. But if something like botox that has 50 years of medical backing and no side effects can be put into children, then it can be put into me too. This is why I consider botox as a preventive measure but again, it’s not the cure.

If you are also anti–cosmetic injectables or have your own reasons for not going down that path, then you must know why you can rely on their safe alternatives. I have been taking care of my skin and maintaining its youthfulness since I was 12. And I worked hard to find why there was a need for You by Sia. 

We have products and laser cosmetic treatments that do not use chemicals. At You by Sia, we rather believe in permanent solutions that don’t put you in harm’s way. Our laser treatments offer patients solutions for everything from hair removal to pigmentation and from complexion renewal to skin needling and skin tightening. 

Some Popular Laser Cosmetic Treatments:


ThermiqueTM is an advanced and effective technique that you should go for if you want to rejuvenate your skin or lift your eyelids. Thermage treatments are gaining popularity in Bondi Junction for being non-invasive and painless in nature. Using tiny pinpricks of heat and thermo-mechanical energy, these treatments encourage your skin to form new collagen and get tightened. These involve deep hydro blasting to contour your skin and hydrate it and address multiple concerns such as scarring, aging skin, and acne. 


  • Does not require surgical cutting  
  • Works for cellulite
  • Involves minimal risk 
  • Suits sensitive/ darker skin
  • Does not cause infection
  • Guarantees minimal downtime
  • Acts as a perfect alternative to cosmetic injectables

2. Skin Needling

Are you sick of the skin congestion problem? Then, face needling is what you are looking for. Our skin needling treatment instigates your skin to form tiny invisible micro-perforations, thereby making healthy cells. The treatment is conducted with a pen-type device and a needle that pierces in and out at the same spot. Eventually, it helps your skin resurface while removing any blockages. 


  • Combats collagen loss and reforms it
  • Eliminates the risk of burns or scars
  • Provides youthful appearance
  • Fights multiple conditions—milia, blackheads, fine lines, acne, wrinkles, and stretch marks 

3. Hair Removal Treatment

If you want to get rid of your unwanted hair forever, take the plunge at laser hair removal that suits all skin types, and is a comfortable procedure. With our advanced technology, you invest once and get long-lasting results. Say goodbye to shaving and waxing that cost for life and still present you with some side effects such as rashes or ingrown. In fact, give your hair the light treatment to impede any future hair growth.   


  • Quick process
  • Painless in nature
  • Suitable for sensitive areas
  • Saves you time and money

Apart from the above, there are more such treatments at You by Sia that are recommended replacements of cosmetic injectables and fillers. Though I can recommend any number of treatments that are proven and result-oriented, you should first assess your skin type and problem and then choose a laser cosmetic treatment. So consult a skin expert and get going on the path to healthier and younger-looking skin. 

Feel free to get an online booking or call us directly at (02) 8323 7510 to know more about Laser cosmetic treatments, we offer at you By Sia at Bondi Junction. 

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